In late-March, the second season of the "VICELAND Presents ... 'Dark Side of the Ring'" documentary series focusing on infamous behind-the-scenes stories throughout the history of the pro wrestling will premiere.

While the first season featured six episodes, season two this month will feature ten episodes covering nine subjects, meaning one of the topics included in this season will be a two-hour special instead of the usual one-hour run time for the shows.

Among the topics scheduled to be included in season two of "Dark Side of the Ring" are the following:

    * The Chris Benoit story (expected to be the two hour focus)
    * Brawl For All
    * The life and times of Dino Bravo
    * New Jack
    * Herb Abrams, founder of the UWF
    * The life and times of Owen Hart

Featured below are several tweets from the official Dark Side Of The Ring Twitter feed that include teases for subjects covered in season two, as well as special video footage of production work / editing being done on some of the episodes for the upcoming season. Additionally, the social media account shared the official links to watch each episode of season one of Dark Side Of The Ring for free.