The 11th episode of Matt Hardy's YouTube show, "#FreeTheDELETE," dubbed "THE BURIAL" has arrived, and once again the popular digital series features The Young Bucks and teases for Hardy being unveiled as The Exalted One of The Dark Order.

On Wednesday morning, ahead of this week's episode of AEW Dynamite which goes down tonight from the Maverik Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, the former WWE Superstar released episode 11 of his digital series.

The official description for episode 11 of "#FreeTheDELETE" called "THE BURIAL" reads as follows:

    #FreeTheDELETE Ep11 "THE BURIAL"

    In "FREE THE DELETE" Episode 11, The Young Bucks have arrived at The Hardy Compound after receiving a frantic phone call from Matt. Matt explains his unorthodox plan to The Bucks, stating that they are the only two who can disconnect ZENITH (who was been infected and now controlled by ABOMINATION) out of his VESSEL. The very hesitant and confused Bucks must then bury them so both Matt and ZENITH can be resurrected. Will this mad plan work? ENJOY!

Watch the complete 11th episode of "#FreeTheDELETE" titled "THE BURIAL" above.