Something really, really serious is bothering a former NXT Cruiserweight Champion, so much so that the former WWE Superstar appears to be alluding to suicidal ideation in a recent heartfelt statement he released via social media.

Lio Rush issued an emotionally-driven statement on his official Twitter page on Monday morning to address his ongoing mental health issues.

Rush admits that he's feeling "miserable, depressed, confused, angry and scared," as well as describing himself as "completely numb."

In the aforementioned Twitter post, Rush asks fans for prayers to help him get through this tough time in his life.

"Miserable.....depressed....confused.....angry...and honestly scared," wrote Rush. "I've gone numb. I've blacked out mentally and I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired."

He continued, "A dream turned into a disastrous reality. A bitter sweet glimpse of what the past has done to my future. Cold. Alone. Wanting it all to end. This is how I felt waking up this morning. This is me asking for your prayers. Something a lot of people are ashamed to do. Let me be the one to guide you. Let me be your voice. No need to feel alone. I'm here."

Rush has been vocal in the past about his battles with depression, including releasing several music tracks that detail his ongoing struggle.

Check out the official statement from Lio Rush below.