Former WWE star Matt Hardy released the latest episode of #FreeTheDELETE on his Youtube channel, which featured a special surprise appearance from AEW superstars, The Young Bucks. The Broken One is shown making a phone call asking "two individuals" to come to the Hardy Compound for help. In the show's final clip, a black SUV pulls up revealing the brothers Jackson wishing Hardy a hello. He responds with, "Bucks of Youth...I knew you'd come." This plays into the ending of the previous episode of the Bucks' Being The Elite, where Matt and Nick received a phone call from a 910 area code, the location of the Hardy Compound.

You can watch the episode above.

Hardy announced this past Sunday that he had chosen to let his WWE contract run out and explore free agency. Rumors have been circulating for quite some time that he is the Exalted One, the mysterious leader of AEW's Dark Order faction. AEW even tweeted out that the Exalted One was near shortly after his Sunday statement.

The Dark Order will be in action on tonight's episode of Dynamite from Colorado.