CM Punk was a recent guest on the Swings & Mrs. podcast where the former WWE superstar talked all things pro wrestling. During the interview, The Chicago Savior would be asked about his recent jab at Roman Reigns, joking how fans "couldn't boo" The Big Dog since WrestleMania is being held at the WWE Performance Center due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Punk opens by saying that it was not a personal attack, nor did he mean to offend anybody.

It was not meant as a personal attack on anybody. If anybody is super offended I didn't do it on purpose. Sometimes I just get Twitter fingers. It's not the way I would have done things. It is what it is.

He then states that Reigns getting booed is not a bad thing, but WWE doesn't take advantage of those types of things to produce exciting storylines.

I don't think it's a bad thing if he gets booed. People immediately bring that to a negative connotation. I don't think it's bad at all. I think it's one of the great things about pro wrestling. You can take that can take that guy who is supposed to be this ultra-babyface and a lot of people push back and reject him and you can use that to create really layered storylines. I don't think they do that. I just think they go, "no no no're supposed to cheer this guy. Oh you don't want to cheer him? We'll make you cheer him."

Check out his comments below.