New Day member Xavier Woods recently spoke to ESPN while in St. Louis for NHL All-Star weekend. The former multi-time tag champion opens up about the routine of receiving a WWE script, and how wrestlers don't have the same luxury as actors of knowing what they're doing in advance. He also believes that everybody has had some tie to pro-wrestling in their lives.

Everybody has some tie to wrestling, either it was their grandpa taking them to matches or their stepmom being really into it. Everyone has some sort of wrestling story, and when they understand what wrestling is, they have a different appreciation for it. Look, it's 2020. We get it. Wrestling is what wrestling is. And then we'll hear people saying they just watch UFC and not the 'fake stuff.' Well, the dragons on Game of Thrones are not actually dragons. And in shows that are in television, you have months or years to write a script, the actors then get those scripts. They go over their lines. They shoot the scenes 30 times. And then they make their best cuts from all of these, and produce their 12-episode shows.

Woods later specifies how quickly WWE scripts or angles can change on the fly.

Our show is on 52 weeks a year. We don't get scripts days in advance; we find out what we're doing at like 5 p.m., and then go and perform it at 8 p.m. It could change in the ring. It can change during a live shot, in front of a live audience. We have to tell a story through words and through physicality as well. Once people get that, they realize, 'Oh, this is difficult. I should really appreciate it.'

Woods has been out of action since October with an Achilles injury. It was reported at the time that he would miss anywhere from 9-12 months recovering. In his absence, fellow New Day members Big E and Kofi Kingston have captured the SmackDown tag team championship for the fifth time, raising the groups overall team title reigns to 7.