The numbers are in for this week's edition of WWE Monday Night Raw from the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California.

The viewership numbers are in for the 2/10 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw and it was good news for the company as the episode was watched by an average of 2.337 million viewers, significantly up from last week's 2.168 million and not far off the post-Royal Rumble show which drew 2.4 million.

Last year at this time, WWE Monday Night Raw drew 2.5 million so the year-to-year drop was minimal.

On the night, WWE Monday Night Raw grabbed the top three spots in the coveted 18-49 demographic with a strong average rating of 0.8.

In total viewership, the show finished #8, finishing only behind news shows.

Featured below are the hourly viewership numbers for the 2/10 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw:

    * Hour 1 - 2.396 million
    * Hour 2 - 2.411 million
    * Hour 3 - 2.204 million