According to the Wrestling Observer, NXT superstar Matt Riddle continues to have backstage heat with WWE management and Vince McMahon. Reports are that McMahon is unhappy with Riddle's usage of social media to call out top stars like WWE champion Brock Lesnar and Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg. The King of Bros has repeatedly said in the past that he hopes to one day "retire" Lesnar in the ring. He even continued his pursuit after the Beast confronted him at the Royal Rumble. McMahon finds this as a sign of disrespect, as Riddle hasn't earned the opportunity to make such challenges, nor does he follow the hierarchy of the business. Obviously Lesnar has incredible pull with McMahon, and has made it known that he doesn't wish to work with Riddle either.

That wasn't the only backstage incident Riddle has had. At SummerSlam Goldberg approached him regarding his online criticisms of Goldberg's move-set. Riddle later joked about it on the Watch Along episode later that night. Incoming NXT talents were also told to stay off social media, citing Riddle's actions as an example of what not to do.

Riddle is still being pushed heavily in NXT, recently winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic with Pete Dunne. He and Dunne will challenge for the NXT tag titles at the upcoming Takeover Portland pay per view.