Tony Khan says that AEW's concussion protocol and safety precautions have changed a lot since the company's first event last year.

The President and CEO recently interviewed with to discuss his favorite wrestlers growing up, and reveals how world champion Chris Jericho has been a big help behind-the-scenes. It was there that Khan went into detail about the work of former football player Chris Nowinski, who's research into concussions was a big help towards AEW's medical staff being prepared.

It's changed a lot. There's researcher out there named Chris Nowinski who's actually a former pro wrestler and a former football player and had concussions end his career and has gone around educating pro wrestlers and football people and sports all over about the dangers of concussion. And I think through him and a bunch of other people's work we know more about it, so we have concussion protocol in place and we have doctors at ringside for all the matches. If anybody couldn't continue for any reason, we check for that and people have to be cleared to return, and I think things have come a long way.

The 37-year old Khan reminds fans that AEW is only a year old, and feels much more confident in the safety of his performers.

AEW, we're a relatively new company. Our first show was 'Double or Nothing,' Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas, last May, so I think people have been educated and by the time we started we knew we had to have doctors at ringside and a protocol for safety.

Besides AEW, Khan is the co-owner of the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars franchise where he is the team's Senior VP of Football Technology and Analytics. He is reportedly receiving an expanded role for the 2020-2021 season following the Jaguars dismissal of former General Manager Tom Coughlin.