On the latest episode of the New Day Feel the Power podcast, members Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston discuss last year's KofiMania angle. Kingston admitted that there are a lot of times that storylines don't work out exactly the way they want them to, but commends the writing team for coming up with great stuff every week on his path towards becoming WWE champion.

I feel like there are a lot of times when we do stuff from a storyline perspective where we want to, like, do a certain thing and then it's not done the way we want it to be done. With this whole angle, this whole story, I felt like I came to work every single week and I thought, 'this is great. We're doing this the right way. This is perfect.' And that's one of the few times we can say that, just going on that emotional rollercoaster.

The New Day then reveal a scrapped angle during that build, which included Big E and Xavier Woods trashing Vince McMahon's office out of anger.

The plan was originally, and I was so excited for this, we legit kick in the door and tear [McMahon's] office up, legit throw things over! I think he's in the office, in the corner, we're throwing tables over, and making quite a mess of his office, and just going on a rampage," Big E remembered. "And had this visceral anger about what's happening to Kofi.

Big E even goes on to mention how much he enjoyed the subtext of the way WWE portrayed Kingston, believing he was always a formidable candidate to be a world champion.

One of the things that I really enjoyed about the storyline was [Kingston's] storyline so closely resembled Bryan's, but to me, didn't feel that it was a ripoff or that it was derivative of Bryan's storyline at all," Big E said. "And, of course, the fact that [Kingston] is, like, pitted against Bryan at WrestleMania, when that comes, but it was a lot of the language was interesting to me. A lot of the language was interesting to me. The way [McMahon] talked about [Kingston], that [he] was a B+ player, that [he wasn't] good enough. It was a lot of thinly veiledů like, why exactly isn't [Kingston] good enough when [he has] at this point 13 or 14 title reigns; [Kingston] accomplished more than 90% of the roster or so; [Kingston] had been around for a long time and still doing it at a high level. I think what worked well for that story is that there was a lot of subtext where you either take it a certain way or you don't.

Kingston would go on to defeat Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35 to become WWE champion, capping off a tremendous story. He would hold the title until the SmackDown premiere on FOX, where he lost it to Brock Lesnar in less than ten seconds. Following Xavier Woods' injury, Kingston and Big E would capture the SmackDown tag team championship for a fifth time. Check out the full podcast below. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)