The Big Guy Ryback has released a statement on Twitter asking WWE to release the trademark on his name. The former Intercontinental champion states that the "Ryback" moniker was not legally created by them, then calls them Petty for making him spend nearly six-figures in an attempt to get it back.

He writes:

Publicly asking wwe, Vince McMahon, TripleH to let the Ryback trademark go. It wasn't created by them and trying to make someone spend nearly 200K to keep their legal name and brand is petty and unnecessary. Please move on and erase me from your history and programming.

WWE released Ryback from his contract in 2016. He was originally signed to a developmental contract back in 2004 after impressing officials with his performance on Tough Enough. He was apart of the very popular Nexus invasion angle back in 2010, and briefly aligned with current Raw executive director Paul Heyman. Since his departure he has worked the indie circuit, and started his Conversation With The Big Guy Ryback podcast. Check out his statement below.