It sounds like the "creative control" that John Cena has for his WrestleMania return is going to be used in a very, very unusual way.

During the Sunday episode of Wrestling Observer Radio at, longtime Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer and show co-host Bryan Alvarez spoke about the opponent that Cena is expected to have when the longtime WWE veteran makes his highly-anticipated return on "The Grandest Stage of Them All" in Tampa, Florida this April.

According to Meltzer, it looks like Cena is going to "Walk with Elias" inside the squared circle set up at Raymond James Stadium for WrestleMania 36.

Featured below is a transcription of an excerpt from the aforementioned show, where Meltzer and Alvarez have their quick back-and-forth that reveals Elias as the expected WrestleMania 36 opponent for John Cena:

    Dave Meltzer:: "I'll tell you tomorrow because I actually have been told but it's not like I don't believe it because I know that it's probably true. But, I can't believe it. Put it that way. It's so underwhelming that it's ridiculous. And absolutely confusing and makes no sense."

    Bryan Alvarez: "Sounds like either Corbin or Elias."

    Meltzer: "Ok. It's not Corbin. So there you go. The mentality is that he's going to get the rub from losing to John Cena. You know that they think that way. I actually think that they're going to come… [to their senses], somebody is going to wake up and go 'what the hell is this?' And it will change. But that is the match listed right now."