WWE Monday Night Raw Executive Director Paul Heyman issued a short statement on his Twitter earlier this morning for Valentines Day. The advocate for the Beast Brock Lesnar took a shot at John Cena for naming Lesnar the "best in-ring performer he's ever seen" in an interview with Sports Illustrated. Heyman writes, "Dear @johncena, #BrockLesnar doesn't want your F'N compliments! Happy Valentine's Day, #YourHumbleAdvocate." He attached it to an old video of Lesnar F'5ing Cena into the ringpost from their Ruthless Aggression days.

The Cenation Leader and the current WWE champion have a long documented history together in the company. Lesnar attacked Cena after making his WWE return from the UFC back in 2012, which set up an Extreme Rules showdown that Cena managed to win. Years later Lesnar would squash Cena at SummerSlam 2014 in one of the most one-sided title matches in pro-wrestling's long lineage. Whether this is just Heyman playing the social media game, or possibly setting up a future rematch between the two icons remains to be seen.