One-half of the RAW Tag-Team Champions is making his case for the WWE purple brand being the hardest job in the company.

The recently re-named Murphy spoke with Metro for an interview where he gave his case for making the claim that 205 Live "is the hardest job in WWE."

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On the challenges of WWE 205 Live: "Yeah, 205 had the hardest job because we went on after the main show. We were the local band following AC/DC so we went out there when the crowds have already seen all the stars that they wanted to. We had a tough job to get these fans that want to go home, and get them onto their seats. It made our jobs really hard, but it made it a great learning experience to work in front of those crowds and bring them back."

On the positives: "It's only made me a better performer, but 205 was some of the best in-ring product in the world. It was just unfortunate that it wasn't showcased to the best of its ability, I believe. But it did have the best in-ring product. 205 was the door opening for me. People ask me about NXT and I always correct them and say 'I'm not NXT, I'm 205 Live.' It is my home, it was my birth. NXT I've said it before, I'll say it again they missed this ship, so to speak. YOu can tell by the quality that I produced."

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