Once again, Matt Riddle has publicly vowed to be the man who will ultimately conquer Brock Lesnar in WWE.

In a promo at the NXT Las Vegas live event this weekend, one-half of The BroserWeights, the 2020 Dusty Classic winners, spoke about his goal to be the man to beat "The Beast Incarnate."

"I never stopped," said Riddle during his promo at Saturday night's black-and-gold brand live event. "I kept training. I knew that the dream was right there in front of me, and I'm not gonna to stop, this is just the beginning."

He continued, "Twelve years ago it started, and 12 years from now I'll still be going. And I guarantee you this, Las Vegas: The Bro retires Brock Lesnar. And you know what? The Broserweights are NXT! DIY is NXT!

"And everybody in this building is NXT!"

Check out video of Matt Riddle's NXT Las Vegas promo below.