WWE superstar Lana issued a statement on her Instagram talking about her battles with depression and showing off a recent photo shoot with Runway Entertainment. The Ravishing Russian touches on the subjects of anxiety, online bullying, and how she hopes her own journey can help others with similar struggles.

I have come to accept the fact that the world might never love me, I might always annoy people, I might never be enough for the people, but I am enough for me. I love me just the way I am. I will never allow people to have power over my mind or body again. I have learned how to deal with my learning disabilities. I've Overcome my eating disorders. I still deal with my anxiety daily. The online bullying can hurt so much but I'm learning to cope. Sometimes depression can be crippling but I do whatever it takes to get out of it. I seek the help that is needed. And all I know is I hope my journey and obstacles can help others on this journey called life.

This isn't the first time Lana has gone public regarding her mental health. She revealed that she had received a wave of online bullying once her angle with Bobby Lashley began, which involved a love triangle between real-life husband Rusev and an affair with the returning Liv Morgan.

While still appearing on weekly television, Lana has also been filming for the Adam Devine led reality series "Bad Ideas." The show will premiere on April 6th. The show had been filming in the Bahamas, where Lana provided many social media updates.