WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg was a recent guest on the Total Slam podcast where the former Universal Champion hyped his upcoming title match with the Fiend at Thursday's WWE Super ShowDown. He would later be asked if it was weird working in Saudi Arabia as a Jew considering the country's strained relationship with the Jewish people. He admits that it was strange at first, but everyone involved did whatever they could to make sure he felt comfortable.

It was very strange. It was extremely uncomfortable sometimes, but they did their best to make me feel as comfortable as possible," stated Goldberg. "You don't know until you go and my impressions were different than what really happened. We never felt in danger at any moment. I got nothing but respect and praise to the Saudi's people.

Goldberg then expressed what an honor and privilege it was for him to be representing Jews all over the world, claiming that he even feels like he's fighting for them all at once.

It's an honor and a privilege for me to be put in that category. Usually when you go out there you fight for yourself, but I felt anytime I got in the square circle I was fighting for all the Jewish people. This is really how I felt. I was a representation of them and I always will be. I want to portray them on a positive light and to be the super hero that everybody wants to be. It puts a good example for anybody who followed me.

He even hopes to have his retirement match in Israel.

I've never been to Israel but I spoke to my agent and I was invited to do an event in Israel. I'm considering having my retirement match in Israel. It's a big conversation right now and we considering it.

The last Saudi Arabia event Goldberg worked was the Super ShowDown pay per view back in June, where he had that awkward match with the Undertaker that ended with high criticism due to him knocking himself out during the bout. Goldberg would explain what happened.

My match with Taker was the perfect storm with no good. At the end of the day, I was not in the ring for two years. It was 150 degrees. Undertaker and I never worked together before," said Goldberg. "My character is based on realism. My character is based on intensity and sometimes I forget I'm a little bit older than I used to be and my body is not [the same]. It was a spot over the years that I knocked myself out at times. Why? Because I refuse to do in there something that doesn't looks real. If I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it 100 percent. If I knocked myself out, so be it, I knocked myself out. I had to deal with it and it was only my fault because I went too hard. You can't fault me for it because I wanted to give the best show possible, I wanted to make my family and fans proud. I wanted to complete a dream of my and have a good match with Taker, but it doesn't always turn out the way you want and unfortunately it was on TV. Everybody in the world saw it... but hey, what match defies a human being? For two weeks I felt bad about it, and I think Taker and I should get a pat on the back for putting ourselves out there at our age and doing the things that we do to entertain the people.

As mentioned above, Goldberg will be facing off against The Fiend for the Universal chamionship at Thursday's Super ShowDown event. He appeared on Friday's SmackDown and faced off with the Fiend, even dropping him with a spear. You can watch that in the clip above.

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)