Following their recent exciting personal news announcements, Nikki and Brie Bella have been slowly making their transition from "The Bella Twins" brand to "The Bella Moms," a trend that continued on Monday with the release of their latest video blog.

The latest video blog from the longtime WWE Superstars dropped on their official YouTube channel on Monday morning and featured the duo discussing their double-pregnancy, as well as other recent topics stemming from their personal lives.

Additionally, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella give fans of The Bella Twins their first sneak peek of their "baby bumps" in the new v-log that was posted on February 3rd.

"Nikki & Brie, THE BELLA MOMS, dish on details of their pregnancies," reads the official description for the latest video blog released by The Bella Twins on Monday.

The segments covered in the v-log include:

    * Nikki's recent flu scare
    * How they each found out they were expecting
    * A sneak peek of their baby bump

Check out The Bella Twins video blog released on 2/3 titled "The Bella Twins' PREGNANCY DETAILS revealed!" above courtesy of the official YouTube channel of the WWE veterans.