Apparently the many call-outs by Matt Riddle of top-level WWE Hall Of Famers and Superstars such as Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar on social media, and in particular the recent issues that have risen as a result of the tactic, prompted WWE officials to create and enforce a new rule that was laughed at by wrestlers when first mentioned during a behind-the-scenes talent meeting.

It was reported by both and the last week that during a meeting at the WWE Performance Center talent were told not to "call out" or "challenge" wrestlers on either RAW or SmackDown without their knowledge.

Many presumed this to be a reference to the aforementioned "King of Bros" from WWE's black-and-gold brand in NXT constantly challenging both Goldberg and Lesnar in the past.

The reminder about getting clearance / permission before calling out more tenured talents on social media reportedly drew a lot of laughs from those in attendance during the recent meeting.

In an update to this story, a new report at notes that WWE officials weren't happy that the news of the aforementioned talent meeting at the company's official Orlando, Florida-based training facility leaked online.

This reportedly led to another meeting being held before the NXT On USA show on Wednesday, where wrestlers were told not to talk to "dirt-sheets."

After the second gathering, a witness who was part of the closed door meeting -- after being told not to talk to dirt-sheets and how the company was not happy that details of the previous discussion at the WWE Performance Center found their way online -- reached out to Fightful immediately afterwards leak the information from that one as well.

"They reminded me that I'm a contractor, then tried to tell me who I couldn't talk to," said the source, presumed to be a current WWE-contracted talent or developmental wrestler that was among those lectured about the leak from the initial meeting.

"So," he added, "Here I am."