The official AEW on TNT Instagram account has transformed itself into a mobile game. The page released a set of game rules for a "Choose Your Own Adventure" quest, with the journey beginning by finding some of the top AEW superstars. Talent includes Jon Moxley, Britt Baker, Cody Rhodes, or world champion Chris Jericho. Depending upon who you select to find determines which path you will take.

Official games rules are:

You are trying to become an AEW wrestler. Through a series of interlinked Instagram carousel posts and accounts, you will make choices that either lead you to your ultimate goal of becoming an All Elite wrestler, or fail miserably. Swipe left through to choose your next move or path by going to the tagged Instagram account. Then swipe through the post on the following account to pick your next move by doing it again! Will you become a famous All Elite wrestler?

Executive VPs Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks have continued to tease a bigger AEW video game for future consoles. Check out the post and beginning playing below.