WWE Untold will soon return to the WWE Network with a new episode.

The new edition of WWE Untold is scheduled to premiere on the WWE Network on Sunday, January 19th. The show will focus on Rey Mysterio, his win at the 2006 Royal Rumble and how significant that victory was, as well as his incredible stories that were lived with his longtime friend, late WWE Hall Of Fame legend Eddie Guerrero.

The official description for the episode reads as follows:

    "Yo, what's up WWE Universe? We have the WWE Network dropping 'WWE Untold' with me talking about my win on the 2006 Royal Rumble, the incredible stories that were lived with my friend Eddie Guerrero. You cannot miss it. It drops January 19. Booyaka. Hey, and for those that don't have the Network, pick it up now, man. You gotta watch this."

Check out the video promoting the new episode of WWE Untold on the WWE Network below.