A camera crew has been following John Morrison around to film a new documentary special chronicling his long-awaited return to the WWE Universe, and now the finished product has been released.

Immediately after Saturday night's WWE Worlds Collide: NXT vs. NXT UK live event from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, the WWE Network premiered the new "WWE Chronicle: John Morrison" special.

Prior to his return to the WWE Universe after spending nearly a decade outside of the company, Morrison's every moment leading up to his return, including never-before-seen backstage footage of him reuniting with The Miz and other familiar faces from earlier in his career, was captured and is featured in the new documentary-style special.

    JAN. 25, 2020 | TV-PG (V) | 47m
    John Morrison

    After eight years competing in sports-entertainment promotions around the world, John Morrison returns to WWE. The former Intercontinental Champion reflects on his journey back to WWE and reunion with his longtime tag team partner The Miz.

Check out some video clips below from the new WWE Chronicle: John Morrison documentary, which is available in its' entirety for subscribers to the WWE Network via their On Demand viewing section.