WWE CEO Vince McMahon is definitely a different cat compared to other billionaire CEOs. Whether it's Vince's hatred of sneezing, or the fact that he has his own "Kiss My A--" Club, Vince is definitely a different breed.

Jensen Karp worked for WWE in 2006. Karp recently spoke with AEW backstage announcer Jennifer Decker on the Swings & Mrs. podcast and discussed how the Chairman of the Board would throw almonds at employees who feel asleep on the plane.

"The first few times I would go on the private plane, I would see Vince throw almonds at people who fell asleep," Karp said, via Wrestling Inc. "And Vince was very nice to me so I shouldn't have put together that almonds were going to hit me at some point, although they probably would have. He was sweet to me, but at the same time I was so nervous to have almonds thrown at me or any bullying because I wasn't a bully.

"I was the opposite; I was being bullied. So I was so nervous to be on that plane that I never fell asleep on it."

Karp also discussed the bullying he faced from a top WWE star at the time, you can check out more from the interview at Wrestling Inc. or in the video below: