John Cena appeared as a guest on a fun episode of "The Late Late Show With James Corden" this week.

The longtime WWE Superstar and emerging Hollywood movie star appeared on the show this week and spoke about being a fan of K-pop super-band BTS.

The official YouTube channel for the late night talk show released the following video of the aforementioned segment, which also included January Jones.

    Who Is John Cena's Favorite BTS Member?

    James Corden welcomes his guests John Cena and January Jones to the couch and asks January about the aftermath of posting a photo backstage with K-pop super-band BTS and learns their Army of fans had some serious thoughts. After, James asks John about his fandom, and John shares which members have his heart.

Also during his appearance on the show, Cena explained one big specific reason for wearing his trademark "Jorts" (Jean Shorts) as his ring gear during his WWE career.

The Late Late Show YouTube channel released this video for that segment:

    John Cena Wore Jorts in the Ring for One BIG Reason

    James Corden asks John Cena about his decision to include jorts during his ascent to the top of the WWE universe, and John has a very simple explanation: he never had to worry about the crotch splitting.

Finally, the third and final video available on the official YouTube channel for the late night series features Cena and Jones playing a game of "Flinch." Check out that video, as well as the description explaining what the "Flinch" game is, at the top of this page.

    Flinch w/ John Cena & January Jones

    James invites his guests John Cena and January Jones to test their nerves in a game of Flinch, in which various fruit is shot out of a high-speed cannon with only a small sheet of plexiglass in the way.