The segment-by-segment ratings and viewership for the Wednesday Night Wars battle between AEW Dynamite and WWE's NXT On USA on January 8, 2020 have surfaced.

As noted, AEW Dynamite posted a big victory over NXT On USA this week in the weekly two hour, head-to-head showdown.

For those interested, featured below is a breakdown of how the quarter hours for each of the shows played out.

The numbers show how many people tuned in or out for every match and segment on both shows.

    AEW: 1,013,000 (Omega/Page vs. Private Party)
    NXT: 818,000 (Promos; Ripley/Storm/LeRae vs. Belair/Shirai/Ray)

    AEW: 944,000 (finish of Omega/Page vs. Private Party)
    NXT: 770,000 (finish of Ripley/Storm/LeRae vs. Belair/Shirai/Ray & Ciampa video package)

    AEW: 961,000 (Riho vs. Statlander; Post-Match with Nightmare Collection)
    NXT: 741,000 (Forgotten Sons vs. Imperium)

    AEW: 913,000 (Daniels vs. Guevara; Post-Match with Dark Order, SCU, Young Bucks)
    NXT: 687,000 (Theory vs. Wilde)

    AEW: 941,000 (Dustin & Cody vs. Pentagon Jr & Fenix)
    NXT: 748,000 (Fish/O'Reilly vs. Coffey/Wolfgang)

    AEW: 941,000 (MJF promo with DDP, Dustin Rhodes, etc.)
    NXT: 735,000 (Finish of Fish/O'Reilly vs. Coffey/Wolfgang; ; Gargano & Balor promos)

    AEW: 897,000 (Luchasaurus/Jungle Boy/Stunt vs. Trent/Taylor/Cassidy)
    NXT: 664,000 (Yim/Carter; video packages)

    AEW: 970,000 (Jericho/Moxley)
    NXT: 605,000 (Lee/Grimes/Dijakovic/Priest)

    Q9 (overrun)
    AEW: N/A
    NXT: 800,000 (Lee/Grimes/Dijakovic/Priest)