WWE star and NXT North American champion Keith Lee took to his Twitter this morning to talk about his Royal Rumble showdown with WWE champion Brock Lesnar. Lee reveals that he's normally asked about his character's constant smile/smirk and expresses that it's due to his appreciation for top level competition. He also questions what would happen if he were to face the Beast one on one, admitting it's a matchup he hopes to have in the future.

Lee writes:

Often I'm asked why I smile/smirk so much. Simplest answer I can offer is that I love top level competition. And this? It's the highest. I was enthralled. Who knows what would have happened 1 on 1? I hope to one day find out.

The 35-year old entered the Rumble at #13 and proved that he could go toe to toe with Lesnar. However, his brawl with Braun Strowman distracted him long enough for Lesnar to eliminate him from the matchup. Lee will be addressing the WWE universe on tonight's NXT. He won the North American championship from Undisputed Era's Roderick Strong on last week's episode.