On the WWE Network on Sunday evening, a new episode of "WWE Break It Down" debuted featuring Drew McIntyre.

In a WWE Network Exclusive video that was released on WWE's official YouTube channel on Sunday, McIntyre talks about getting a last name right before making his WWE debut several years ago.

The official description for the WWE Network Exclusive video released on WWE's YouTube channel reads as follows:

    How Drew McIntyre got a new last name before his debut: WWE Break It Down (WWE Network Exclusive)

    "Drew McIntyre recalls the hectic final minutes before his 2007 SmackDown debut, when he was rechristened with a new last name without a moment to spare, on WWE Break It Down."

Check out the aforementioned Drew McIntyre preview video above.

The complete episode of WWE Break It Down featuring Drew McIntyre is available now for members who are currently subscribed to the WWE Network.