WWE television commentator and host of the first official WWE podcast through their new partnership with Endeavor Audio, Corey Graves, considered this week's episode of WWE RAW "an insufferable television show" that he considers a "waste of three hours of his life."

And he has not at all been shy about sharing that opinion.

On the post-RAW edition of the "After The Bell with Corey Graves" podcast, the WWE commentator and former NXT Superstar explained why he was angered by the weekly red brand show.

"Last night, I wasted three hours of my life enduring what was an insufferable television show," Graves said of the 1/13 edition of WWE RAW on the 1/14 episode of his 'WWE: ATB' podcast. "RAW was not all bad, but it left me with a really bad taste in my mouth... RAW physically made me angry. I tweeted something to that effect."

Graves specifically points out the Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley segment, stating that the angle garnered zero reaction from the live crowd and has been getting constantly worse.

"What really set me off, was the Lana, Rusev and Bobby Lashley segment," Graves started. "This is not their fault. The shows, as a whole, have just been lacking."

He would go on to elaborate, talking at length what specifically bothered him about the segment and explaining why.

"This segment has really set me off," said continued. "Because I noticed they went to a wide shot; in the middle of a match in this heated rivalry, that has been brewing for months and months in a small eternity. And the entire crowd was silent. Nobody was moving, nobody was clapping. It was complete apathy, which in this business is the worst thing you can have. You can be cheered, you can be booed sure not everything works."

He added, "But to have an entire arena full of people, not reacting to anything that was happening is a problem. That's what piqued my attention. And then it got worse for weeks and weeks and weeks."

He later expresses how bad he feels for Liv Morgan after months of rebuilding her.

From there, he focused on Liv Morgan specifically, whom he spoke about feeling bad for because he feels she is a diamond in the rough and Monday's show did more to make things rougher than closer to the "bling-bling" level.

"You have been promoting Liv Morgan, and this return," said Graves. "Liv Morgan, who I've said on this show, in my opinion, is a star waiting to be born. She has this unusual reveal in the Lana - Lashley wedding, which everyone had an opinion on right, wrong or indifferent."

He concluded, "Tell me why anyone in the WWE Universe should care about Liv Morgan now?"

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