Although he is AEW down to his very core, Cody Rhodes had some fun strolling down memory lane in a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, sharing some very interesting and entertaining behind-the-scenes stories from past WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-views he was involved in, including one involving The Undertaker and Cody's first-ever Royal Rumble match from 2008.

During the aforementioned interview, the AEW EVP shared a fun story about the WWE Royal Rumble 2008 PPV held at world-famous Madison Square Garden arena in New York City, New York.

Rhodes, who was very young at the time, entered the annual event for the first time ever and decided to go after the biggest man in the match, The Undertaker.

"I see Undertaker in the corner, and I thought, f*ck it, I'm gonna do it," Cody recalled. "I run over and hit this man as hard as I have ever hit anyone and in the back of the head. I felt him stop, head turn, and now i know I am the bad guy."

Cody continued, "All of a sudden he just goozles me around the neck and I'm thinking I'm going up, and he goes, 'kick me in the knee'. I kick him in the knee and he goes 'dropkick me'! I get so excited, I jump up, I dropkick him and he takes a bump!

"You can see I didn't know what to do," he added. "The goal is to get the guy out of the match but I'm not going to pick him up, so I just stood there and then went into the corner and started fake punching someone (else)."

Rhodes states that "The Phenom" was always the type of wrestler who gave back, and expresses how much he appreciated the moment.

"After that, 'Taker was God to me," Cody explained. "Everything about this guy is about giving back. He really did not need to do that. I love The Undertaker."

"The American Nightmare" would also share a funny story about "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, who also made a surprise cameo in that match.

Check out the interview above.

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