Xavier Woods Talks Achilles Injury On "The New Day: Feel The Power" WWE Podcast (Video)

On the latest edition of the new official WWE podcast, The New Day: Feel The Power, the popular WWE trio consisting of Kofi Kingston, Big E. and Xavier Woods spend a considerable amount of time on the new episode talking about the topic of injuries.

Woods in particular had much to say, as he was currently seated with his leg propped up on the table in a full cast during the taping of the new episode of the WWE podcast in conjunction with Endeavor Audio, as he is still recovering from a bad Achilles injury he suffered while working a match in Australia earlier this year.

According to The New Day's resident trombone-playing expert, Xavier Woods, he was "shaken" by hearing the results of the medical tests he recently underwent to diagnose the injury issues his leg was experiencing after the aforementioned match in Australia.

Xavier explained that the injury took place during a tag-team match that saw himself join forces with fellow New Day member Big E. to take on The Revival -- Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder -- at a non-televised live event in Sydney, Australia back on October 20th.

Check out video footage of the spot that occurred in The New Day vs. The Revival match in Sydney, Australia back in October that resulted in Woods' Achilles injury via the YouTube player embedded below.

As far as Woods' discussion about the Achilles injury during the latest installment of The New Day: Feel The Power official WWE podcast, he had plenty to say.

Featured below is an excerpt from a recap of the episode that comes from Paul Jordan and PWInsider.com:

    "Xavier says while doing a backflip during a match in Sydney Australia against The Revival. At the beginning of the match after the move, Xavier describes the pain as he felt like someone kicked him in the back of the foot. He went to take another step and realized he could not put any weight on that foot and immediately knew it was his Achilles because that's where he felt it. The WWE doctor said it was likely a torn or ruptured Achilles. Xavier talks about the many emotions that were going through his mind. Not to mention the fact he was injured but he was that far away from home and likely being out for up to a year. He talks about flying directly from Sydney to Atlanta and then to Birmingham, Alabama to have the surgery. The surgeon told Woods that it would take him 14 minutes to fix, but it could take up to a year to feel good on. Xavier describes being shaken by the whole prospect that he would be away from wrestling that long, as it was the only thing he's ever felt that passionately about. Not to mention that The New Day is really in their prime. Woods goes on to say it's a much different prospect than the only way for a few weeks because you know you are going to return at some point. But with a ruptured Achilles that is surgically repaired, there's no real timetable. He could do everything, icing it, PT, etc. with the tendons around healing and be back in five months. He could do the same thing and it could be longer, say around Survivor Series next year. Or Wrestlemania, the year after. Maybe, maybe not. Xavier says it is unlikely that he'll come back that late. But the fact that there is a percentage possibility that it could happen makes him sad."

Check out video highlights of Woods discussing his Achilles injury during the most recent episode of The New Day: Feel The Power podcast via the video embedded above.

Check out the complete episode of The New Day: Feel The Power podcast EndeavorAudio.com.