WWE Raw Viewership Drops For 12/9 WWE TLC PPV "Go-Home" Episode

The report card for the WWE TLC 2019 go-home edition of WWE Raw is in, as ratings and viewership for the Monday, December 9, 2019 episode of the weekly show have surfaced.

WWE Raw was watched by an average of 2.150 million people this week, compared to 2.208 million a week ago and 2.109 million two weeks ago.

On the night, WWE Raw finished all the way down to number 15 in total viewership among shows on cable, but in its' usual #4, #5 and #6 spots in the 18-to-49 year-old demographic for each of the three hours, with an average rating of 0.68.

The NFL Monday Night Football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants -- which went to overtime -- drew 11.360 million viewers, down from last week's audience of 14.03 million viewers.

Check out the hourly viewership breakdown for the 12/9 episode of WWE Raw below.

    Hour One: 2.255 million viewers
    Hour Two: 2.201 million viewers
    Hour Three: 1.995 million viewers

If you missed this week's WWE TLC 2019 "go-home" episode of WWE Raw, check out our detailed results here at DailyWrestlingNews via the following link: