Sin Cara Makes AAA Return At Guerra De Titanes Show On Saturday (VIDEO)

Sin Cara turned up at the AAA event this weekend.

The former WWE Superstar appeared at last night's AAA Guerra de Titanes event saving Pagano after he was attacked.

After making the save, Sin Cara cut a promo saying that he was there to help his friend.

Interestingly, Sin Cara was introduced using his WWE name and was also seen wearing the same mask that he wore during his WWE tenure, even though WWE owns the trademark "Sin Cara" in Mexico as well as in North America.

It's unclear if the appearance was with approval from WWE, as it was believed that Sin Cara was tied up in a 90-day non-compete clause which would have prevented him from appearing for any other wrestling promotions, or if this angle went down because AAA doesn't care or hopes that WWE won't pursue legal action.

Featured below are video highlights of Sin Cara's AAA Guerra de Titanes appearance.