Randy Orton made several teases throughout the year that he would be interested in signing with AEW with his last WWE contract expiring in 2020.

Orton ended up signing a new five-year deal with WWE this past November. Since re-signing with the company, Orton has taken several shots at AEW, including this past weekend over some botched punches thrown by a member of the Dark Order on the latest episode of AEW Dynamite.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Orton reportedly has some sour grapes over the deal that AEW offered him. According to Meltzer, Orton was likely expecting to be presented an offer similar to Chris Jericho's, however that didn't happen.

"I'm sure that Randy Orton thought that he was deserving of a Chris Jericho-like contract probably because in his mind he's a bigger star than Chris Jericho," Meltzer said. "Tony Khan didn't think he was as big of a star as Chris Jericho. There you go! That's what happens!"

You can see Orton's tweets regarding the botched punches on Dynamite below: