Lance Storm Backstage Interview From SmackDown In Fayetteville Talking New WWE Producer Job (Video)

Apparently WWE is looking to "be serious for a minute," as former WWE Superstar Lance Storm has returned home to the WWE Universe after signing on to become the newest WWE Producer / Agent for the company.

Storm was backstage at this week's episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown On FOX at the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, North Carolina and while at the show, he took part in an exclusive video interview to shed some light on his return to the company.

"Actually it's really great to be back," Storm said of his WWE return. "It's been a long time and it really feels like coming back home."

When asked about his new role with the company, Storm replied, "I'm a producer now. So mentoring [and] advising."

He added, "Letting people pick my brain for the most part, I guess."

Storm also revealed during the discussion that he is looking forward to working with Shorty G, stating that he wishes he were in his prime so he could get into the ring with him for a match.

"I like working with everybody, but I've been a big fan of Shorty G for a while," Storm said. "I became a fan of his in NXT. He's just so talented. He's one of those guys that's like man, why didn't our timelines line up better. I would have loved to have been in the ring with him in my prime."

As is the case with any interview with a returning legend from the past, Storm was asked about the chances of him stepping back into the squared circle, with the WWE.com reporter asking if he thinks a match with Shorty G is a legitimate possibility.

"Never say never, but I would've liked to be in my prime when I'm in there with him," said Storm before breaking out with laughter. "I don't think I could keep up as well as I used to."

Storm concluded, "But there's so many talented people here, and it's just great."

Check out the complete Lance Storm interview from backstage at this week's WWE SmackDown show in Fayetteville above.