IMPACT Wrestling star Joey Ryan took to Twitter following last night's episode of Monday Night RAW to comment on the shocking twist in the main event angle between Bobby Lashley, Lana, and a returning Liv Morgan, where Morgan revealed that she's been having a love affair with "The Ravishing Russian."

Ryan states that WWE's use of gay story lines for shock value is keeping stereotypes alive, placing blame on the writers backstage and claiming that this is the reason that the company fails to connect with a younger audience.

"This is so bad," wrote Ryan. "And the talent isn't at fault, it falls on the writers."

He added, "Using gay for shock value perpetrates the idea that it is unusual or odd which keeps stereotypes alive. No wonder WWE struggles to find a millennial audience."

The segment has received over 1.7 million views on YouTube since it was released.

Check out Ryan's tweet, and the segment below.