WWE is reportedly planning to make a significant creative change as they head into 2020, as the company has a unique idea to make their story lines feel more like real life.

One idea that is being tried creatively on the RAW side is to have the top WWE Superstars involved in two story lines at the same time, instead of the traditional one story per person at a time.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter at F4WOnline.com that current plans have Humberto Carrillo and Andrade in a program to try and get both WWE Superstars over with the fans, however they also have Andrade in a program with Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio, for his part, is also in a story line with Seth Rollins & The Authors of Pain. Meanwhile, Rollins also has ongoing issues with Kevin Owens that have been playing out in recent weeks.

WWE plans to continue this trend where just like in real life, a person likely has an issue with more than just one person at a given time.