WWE Looks Back At Memorable Survivor Series Eliminations, Glenn Gilbertti, 2019 WWE UK Tour Photos

- The latest edition of WWE Playlist gives fans a special look back at some of the most memorable eliminations in WWE Survivor Series traditional elimination match history. Check out the latest installment of the popular WWE digital series courtesy of WWE's YouTube channel above.

- Glenn "Disco Inferno" Gilbertti celebrates his 52nd birthday today. The former WCW Superstar was born on November 12, 1967. Also celebrating a birthday today from the pro wrestling world is Donna "Elektra" Adamo, who turns 49.

- The official WWE Twitter feed released a link to a special photo gallery on WWE.com chronicling the recent SmackDown leg of this year's WWE European Tour. Check out the tweet below, and follow the links in the tweet to check out the complete photo gallery on the official WWE website.