WWE Allowed FOX To Bring In CM Punk To Avoid Him Signing With AEW?, Update On Survivor Series Status

It looks like not everyone is excited and happy to see Phil "CM Punk" Brooks working with WWE again.

CM Punk's new role with the FOX-produced WWE Backstage On FS1 studio television series was met with mixed reaction among WWE officials and talent, according to a report by Dave Meltzer (@DaveMeltzerWON) in the latest issue of his long-trusted Wrestling Observer Newsletter at F4WOnline.com.

There were some people who were "negative" of the company doing any work with Punk due to the way he left and his comments afterwards that led to the eventual lawsuit.

Others argued that the timing was right for Punk to come back to WWE as he was the last major free agent who AEW could have signed that would have been a "game changer" and yet there was another group of people who figured that Punk would never be back -- a rare exception to the rule of a talent leaving and never working with WWE again.

One interesting point brought up is that Punk joins WWE Backstage mere weeks before Survivor Series week, which takes place in his hometown of Chicago, IL., where historically, chants for his name have been plentiful.