Watch: CM Punk Returns On WWE Backstage On FS1: Full-Length Interview & More (Video)

WWE Backstage On FS1 saw a significant increase in popularity and buzz for Tuesday night's episode featuring the highly-anticipated, long-awaited return of CM Punk.

During Tuesday night's show, "The Best in the World" appeared as advertised, taking part in a lengthy one-on-one interview with WWE Backstage On FS1 host and WWE broadcast team member, Renee Young.

As advertised, Punk made a few references to All Elite Wrestling and AEW performers, as he alluded to Jon Moxley when jokingly asking Young, "Who's your favorite Shield member?" referring to their real-life relationship.

He also mentioned Jim Ross when discussing his small inner-circle of people in the business that he still texts back-and-forth with on a regular basis.

Punk appeared in additional segments on the show as well. He cut a promo on actor Tom Arnold in what was billed throughout the show as the first CM Punk WWE promo in years, and he addressed Seth Rollins.

After showing some of the Twitter reactions to his surprise appearance on last week's episode of WWE Backstage On FS1, including Rollins calling out Punk to "fight him" now that he is back in the WWE Universe, Punk offered some veteran advice to "The Architect" -- get off of Twitter.

Punk suggested that Rollins ease up on his Twitter-use, advising him to delete it off his phone for a now.

CM Punk also addressed the rumors that he could make a return to the squared circle for WWE, as Survivor Series is in his hometown of Chicago this Sunday and the Royal Rumble -- which favors surprise returns -- is right around the corner in January.

According to Punk, no matter what he says, there will be expectations either way. He also claimed that age 41, he's too wise to say "never," prompting Renee Young to sarcastically announce that, "he's saying there's a chance!"

Time will tell, and like the first words out of Punk's mouth on his return on WWE Backstage On FS1 this week, hopefully soon it will be "Clobbering Time" once again in WWE courtesy of "The Best in the World" -- CM Punk.