Steve Austin's New WWE Network Series Announced

Variety has announced a new interview series coming to the WWE Network, featuring host Steve Austin.

"'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: The Broken Skull Sessions" is set to premiere on November 24th after the WWE Survivor Series PPV goes off the air. The first guest for Austin will be The Undertaker.

Austin's new WWE Network interview series will premiere with a "rare long-form interview with Mark Calaway, better known to WWE fans as The Undertaker."

Austin talked to Variety about how he will be interviewing the man behind The Dead Man gimmick.

"Mark has been doing The Undertaker for 30 years and he has had one of the greatest runs in the history of the business," Austin told Variety. "He's stayed in character all this time. He's made a few appearances on some talk shows way back in the day, but no one has really ever heard from Mark Calaway the man…I think he was enthusiastic because he has been quiet for so long so now he has the chance to share some stories like everyone else has. He's had one of the most high-profile careers and, back in his heyday, had some of the most outlandish stories from the road. We had a great time shooting the breeze."

Austin said he hopes to sit down with Mark for more interviews to cover his lengthy career. The interview airing on November 24th has already been taped, as seen in the photo provided.

It was also reported that future episodes of the new series will feature "one-on-one conversations with other big names from WWE, both past and present, as well as other celebrity guests."

Austin talked to Variety about how this new series will be different than the live WWE Network podcast he hosted a few years ago.

"I think this is going to be a little more relaxed and laid back," Austin said. "The other one was live and I was flying around to accommodate the schedule and going out on the road. This is over at the Broken Skull studio, which we've built up…It's basically like a bulls–t session, talking about someone's career and trading stories, shooting the breeze."