Sasha Banks Reveals Her New Nickname For WWE

Following this week's episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown On FOX, Sasha Banks took to social media to reveal a new nickname for herself and explains why she chose the name she did.

After Friday night's edition of WWE SmackDown On FOX went off the air, Banks responded to a tweet posted by the official WWE On FOX Twitter feed that read, "See you at Survivor Series, NXT. #SmackDown."

"On top of being the Boss, I've decided to also become the landlord because I own everything," wrote Banks in her Twitter response. "I made NXT [and] I'm gonna love destroying it."

"Y'all haven't paid your dues so consider your asses evicted," she concluded, along with hash-tags that read, "#TeamSmackDown #Vince>HunTAH #LegitBoss."

Check out the tweet from "The Landlord" Sasha Banks below.