ROH Comments On Status Of WOH Champion Kelly Klein, Company Emails Leak Online (UPDATED)

Kelly Klein, the current reigning Women of Honor champion for ROH, is gone from the company and depending on how you want to interpret it, she may have actually been fired.

Klein's husband - BJ Whitmer - posted on Twitter that Klein was fired from the company via email (by COO Jeff Koff) while she is recovering from a concussion.

ROH responded quickly to the tweet to clarify that Klein wasn't fired but was rather informed that her contract would not be renewed when it comes up for expiration at the end of the year.

"We don't generally discuss personal issues but they seem to have made it public we didn't fire [Kelly Klein], we just notified her that we would not be renewing her contract."

Whitmer didn't hold back, calling Koff a "beady-eyed, turkey-neck lying sack of sh*t" and that "not renewing" someone's contract or 'parting ways' is the same thing as firing them."

Joey Mercury, a former ROH official who also recently left the promotion, decided to contribute to the story by posting the entire email that Koff sent to Klein.

In the email, it appears that perhaps the reason that ROH decided to sever ties with Klein is because of her (and her husband's) support of Mercury after he parted ways with ROH.

After departing, Mercury slammed the company for their working conditions among other things and the husband-wife pair basically agreed with him publicly.


    Thank you for your email the other day and I'm glad that you are getting treatment for your injury.

    As you have known over the years in Ring of Honor, we always take any injury very seriously and have supported many through their recoveries.

    That does not change here as your health is of the utmost importance.

    However, there are also important things unrelated to your injury that we haven't really had a chance to discuss, and perhaps we probably should have when you came to Baltimore, but I was more interested in what you had to say.

    What I did not hear though was any remorse for what transpired to that point. I was really hoping to hear some acknowledgement about wanting to move past the actions that you had taken, that have hurt the company.

    The company is firm that pursuant to your contract, section 15 you have breached our existing agreement by sharing confidential documents and emails with another contractor, who used the material to defame and slander the company and one of its key officers, Greg Gilleland. You also used your social media presence to help this contractor's twitter account gain traction, and to validate his claims, which further your involvement in these actions. This was painful to watch.

    Personally, I always appreciated the level of open communication we have had with our talent, and the ability to approach Greg or I anytime you had an idea or thoughts to improve any aspect of the company.

    Despite the clear breach of your contract and ethical requirements, I still appreciate the time you have spent with ROH. Therefore, rather than pursue the breach which would terminate our existing agreement right now and enact a 6 month non-compete, I have decided to let your current agreement continue as it is and then expire at the end of the term. Also at this time, we are also choosing not to continue with our ongoing negotiations that began in July. We will follow up with written correspondence outlining the same.

    I wish you the best.