Lana Reveals How She Really Looks Up To Paul Heyman

Lana revealed on Twitter earlier today how much she admires RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman.

The exchange began after Heyman tweeted a link to a RAW segment that saw his client snap on him, current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, from the July 30th, 2018 RAW show. Heyman bragged how the video has more than 11 million YouTube views.

Lana replied to the tweet and revealed how much she looks up to the former ECW boss. She wrote, "You are my inspiration & everything I ever wanted to be in life !"

Lana is currently working a RAW storyline with Bobby Lashley, against husband Rusev. It's believed Heyman has a big hand in the feud as he's helping to run the brand these days.

You can see Lana's full tweet to Heyman below: