Jordan Myles Lashes Out At WWE In New Video, Accuses Them Of Racism & Officially Quits

Jordan Myles recently released a video lashing out at WWE, apparently quitting the company in the process.

"As of today, I'd like to officially announce that I quit f*cking WWE," Myles said in the video. "I am no longer employed. I refused to work for racists. I f*cking quit, f*ck them."

Myles continued, "I hate that f*cking company and everything they f*cking stand for. All they ever did was hold our people back. I do this sh*t for the culture. I don't need anyone's f*cking permission to do what I want to do. Screw Jordan Myles, don't ever call me by that slave name. Call me ACH and don't forget the 'Super', b*tch. I quit, f*ck you!"

Check out the video below.