John Cena Makes One-Million Dollar Donation In Honor Of Veteran's Day Holiday

WWE Superstar and emerging Hollywood actor John Cena continues to stay grounded and remain one of the top charitable celebrities on planet earth. This was proven true again this week after the co-star of the new Playing With Fire film put up 7-figures in a charitable veteran's donation.

WWE.com released the following announcement on Monday regarding Cena cutting a big check in honor of the Veteran's Day holiday in the United States.

John Cena will make matching donation after raising $1 million for veterans' charity

After calling on fans to raise $1 million for veterans, John Cena announced on Twitter that the goal had been met and his matching donation would deliver $2 million to the FitOps charity.

Appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in September, Cena called for donations to FitOps which helps military veterans find stability, success and community through fitness and pledged to match donations through Veterans Day up to $1 million.

The 16-time World Champion announced on social media that the donations had reached that milestone in little more than a month, meaning that $2 million in total would be donated after Cena's matching gift.

"Today I am honored and humbled to say that we did it we have hit our goal," Cena said.

FitOps assists veterans in achieving personal trainer certification, helping to create a path in life after service.

Cena expressed his thanks for the donations and wished all a happy Veterans Day.

"We give $2 million to veterans to help save their life," he said. "To preserve the lives of our heroes who have protected our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."