History Of Storm Wrestling Academy By Chris Jericho & Lance Storm Featured On "Talk Is Jericho"

"Le Champion" of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) -- Chris Jericho -- dedicated the latest episode of his weekly "Talk Is Jericho" podcast to the Storm Wrestling Academy out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

After a 15-year run as one of the premiere pro wrestling schools on planet earth, the Storm Wrestling Academy is the subject of the latest podcast, as Lance Storm himself joins the leader of The Inner Circle and Fozzy-front-man Chris Jericho to discuss the academy.

The official description for the show, which is available now, reads as follows:

    The Life And Times Of The Storm Wrestling Academy

    Lance Storm is closing the Storm Wrestling Academy this year after an amazing 15-year run! He's talking about the timing of his decision, the new adventure he's about to undertake with WWE, and what prompted him to open the wrestling school in the first place! He's also talking about the hundreds of students who have come through his doors his favorites, the ones who got away, and the ones who should have made it but didn't for whatever reason. He's sharing stories about some of the legends who've visited the school to offer advice and tips (like Bret Hart, Rey Mysterio, Edge, and Don Callis), and some of the second-generation wrestlers he's instructed over the years (like Dominik Mysterio, Brian Pillman Jr., and Rachael Ellering).

Check out the complete episode of "Talk Is Jericho" featuring Chris Jericho and Lance Storm talking all things Storm Wrestling Academy below.