Dolph Ziggler Reveals He Nearly Quit WWE In Order To Get Plans For SummerSlam Changed

Dolph Ziggler revealed in a recent interview that he went as far as to threaten to walk away from WWE to avoid going through with the company's initial plans for Goldberg to defeat him in just seconds in their match at WWE SummerSlam earlier this year.

During an interview with Talk Sport, "The Show-Off" spoke with Alex McCarthy and shed some light on the discussions behind-the-scenes that prompted the plans for the match to be changed for him to instead lose in roughly one minute.

"Okay I'm here to do business and do special things," said Ziggler. "I try not to be the fan. I find out what the business is and I'm like 'Cool this is the moment.' And having that like 'You're the guy to do this. To set the record straight and give this guy this fantastic match. I'm like, 'Fantastic.' Then they go, 'it's gonna be bell spear' and I go 'Come on.' So I fought all day long, threatened to leave, threatened to leave. Do anything I can do 'Give me two damn minutes!' And I got a minute, whatever, what are you gonna do?"

Check out highlights from the Dolph Ziggler interview with Alex McCarthy of Talk Sport below.