Closer Look At Numbers For NXT On USA's First Ratings Victory Over AEW Dynamite (11/20)

It seems like a good time to take a closer look at the numbers now that WWE achieved their first "Wednesday Night Wars" victory over All Elite Wrestling this week, as their NXT On USA "go-home" show for NXT TakeOver: WarGames beat AEW Dynamite in the ratings for the first time in eight weeks.

As reported before, this week's ratings battle between NXT on USA and AEW Dynamite was a close one with NXT coming out on top in total viewership for the first time.

The official numbers for each show were 893,000 for AEW and 916,000 for NXT (with overrun) and 906,000 (without the overrun).

The peak viewership for NXT was 1.072 million for the post-match brawl after the Ricochet vs. Riddle match while AEW's was 1.004 million for the Chris Jericho and Scorpio Sky angle.

The median age for each show was 49.9 years for NXT and 44.9 years for Dynamite.