Watch: Hulk Hogan Takes Things A Bit Far In Heated Altercation With Drunk Fan

The Hulkster has stepped in it once again.

WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan was caught on tape in a heated argument with a fan, where "The Immortal One" took things a bit far verbally, telling the fan to step outside before informing him that he slept with his wife.

Video has surfaced showing "The Immortal One" explaining to the fan that he has earned some time to himself before proceeding to taunt him and claim that he slept with his wife.

"Why don't you come outside," Hogan said to the fan in apparent threatening fashion.

"You know what, brother? I got a right to have a few moments by myself," Hogan continued. "Let me tell you something, brother the last time I had a Shirley Temple was when me and your wife got together."

Check out the video courtesy of Barstool Sports below.

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Don't mess with the Hulk, brother (via @Sam_albert1)

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