Watch: Hulk Hogan Explains Story Behind Heated Altercation With Drunk Fan

Hulk Hogan has released a video on social media explaining the full story behind the public heated argument he had with a fan that was caught on video and went viral online this weekend.

In the video, "The Hulkster" tells his side of the story. He claims he was getting a drink with fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair when an intoxicated fan approached them with his friends, leading to "The Nature Boy running the guy off," according to Hogan.

From there, the fan sent over two Shirley Temple drinks to Hogan and Flair before screaming vulgar remarks at the pair of pro wrestling legends when they began to leave moments later.

According to "The Immortal One," this is when the incident with and heated exchange with the fan that was all captured on video took place. For those who missed it, check out the entire video of the heated altercation between Hulk Hogan and the fan by clicking here.

Check out the aforementioned video of Hulk Hogan explaining his side of the story below.